Experienced Trial Lawyer in Mineola Helps Clients with Their Divorce and Collection Cases

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With 39 years of legal experience and skill, Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law is well-qualified to meet the legal needs of divorcing parties, and businesses trying to collect money owed to them. We are steadfastly committed to our clients and to the community of Mineola, New York. We are proud of the relationships we have built based on honesty and integrity. We stand ready to help you.

As our client, you benefit from focused, one-on-one attention that recognizes your goals and concerns. We tailor our services to meet the challenges of your specific situation. Regardless of the size or complexity of your case, Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law works hard to obtain the best results for you in the most cost-efficient and timely manner possible.

When you need a lawyer in Mineola to protect your interests

At Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law, we are ready to represent you in and out of court. Attorney Bruce Bekritsky is a skilled mediator with extensive experience helping divorcing couples settle disputes through mediation and negotiation. These methods save you time, money and the stress of litigation. If litigation becomes necessary, Mr. Bekritsky vigorously protects your interests in all courts of record in New York, in the U.S. Supreme Court and in the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law offers the following legal services:

  • Divorce ― Dissolution of a marriage occurs when a marriage is legally terminated. We can assist with negotiation, mediation and litigation in all matters and types of divorce, including contested, no-fault, at-fault and same-sex divorces.
  • Family law ― We have extensive experience in family law matters, including adoption, paternity actions, pre-nuptial agreements, guardianships, domestic violence and more. We know the outcome of your case will affect you and your family for the rest of your lives.
  • Child custody and support ― It is important to remember that children need both their parents — even when their parents are divorcing. Child support is determined by formulas set by the state. We ensure the court has accurate information, including proper review of deductions to gross income, to reach a fair decision on your behalf. Child custody refers to where the child lives and who has the right to make decisions affecting the child. We can assist you in these matters.
  • Commercial collections ― We work diligently to collect the monies you are owed, from the first demand letter to the post-judgment collection process. We also assist clients when a debtor turns to bankruptcy protection by prosecuting collection efforts in the bankruptcy courts.

Proudly serving Long Island, New York

Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law successfully serves clients in divorce, family law and collections matters in Mineola and throughout Nassau and Suffolk Counties in New York.

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To find out how Bruce R. Bekritsky, Attorney at Law can assist you, call us at 516.336.3105 or contact us online to schedule your free initial consultation. For your convenience, we offer flexible appointment times.